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What Readers Are Saying

“Lindsey's newsletter is a weekly must-read. It perfectly balances insight with opinion and succinctly covers everything a marketer - or indeed anyone with an interest - needs to know around social media, the creator economy and much more.”

Lizzy PollottSVP, Marketing Communications & Brand, Acast

“Lindsey Gamble's newsletter is a weekly must-read for anyone seeking an insightful and in-depth digest of social media marketing and influencer marketing trends from one of LinkedIn's Top Voices in the Creator Economy. His analysis is always thoughtful, well researched and actionable — which is what makes it so valuable.”

Lia HabermanFractional CMO & Adjunct Professor, UCLA Extension

“Lindsey's newsletter is truly one of the most innovative newsletters on the creator economy right now. Rather than shallow dive into many topics, Lindsey seemingly always finds the 2-3 most interesting topics in the creator economy at any given time and provides deep/insightful insights into why it's relevant for the growth of the creator economy and everyone involved. 5/5 stars as this newsletter has turned into a must-read for me every time I receive it!”

Jason BergmanCo-Founder & CEO, MarketPryce

“I initially discovered Lindsey through LinkedIn. As an influencer, I was craving insight from experts on the creator economy but couldn’t find the right fit, for me. Once I found Lindsey, I didn’t look any further! His knowledge of platforms, trends and updates is unmatched! I enjoy his content and look forward to the newsletter because there’s ALWAYS something to take away!”

Mylan Murphy (@MotivatedByMylan) Creator / Influencer (1+ Million Followers)

“Lindsey does an amazing job of not only pulling the best and most important news from the creator economy together every week, but also puts the “why it matters” front and center in a digestible way.

He also makes sure to pull in a mix of mainstream and lesser known stories to give equitable visibility to growing stories and trends across the creator economy.”

Austin NullStrategy Director, McKinney

“I rely on Lindsey’s newsletter for the latest updates and inspirational insight across social media, influencer, brand, and content marketing industries. His easy-to-digest, quick-to-read newsletter saves my team and me time on research, so we can focus on brainstorming and applying the updates to our work.”

Mairin Heard AnnenDirector of Social Media and Influencer Marketing at FloSports

“What I appreciate most about Lindsey is his genuine desire to educate and empower his readers. He always takes a thoughtful, audience-first approach - carefully considering how to present information most helpfully. His coverage of emerging monetization models, platform updates, industry deals, and creator success stories is second to none.”

Stephanie GarciaFounder, Stephanie Liu Marketing

“I live for Lindsey's weekly newsletter. It's one of the few I read religiously. He's always clueing me into the influencer marketing industry news I need to be on top of, trends I have to pay attention to and of course, all the platform's latest and greatest features. What are you doing if you're not on the list?”

Johanna B. Voss,Founder & Talent Agent, johanna b. voss Agency

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