Instagram Tests Link Highlight, Threads Joins The Fediverse, Yahoo Launches Creator Program


  • Instagram’s Link Highlight feature allows creators to connect their Reels with a Story Highlight

  • TikTok gives creators insight into what users are searching for with Creator Search Insights

  • Threads keeps its promise and enters the Fediverse

  • YouTube rolls out a disclosure tool for AI

  • Yahoo invests in creators with a new program that will allow them to publish and monetize stories

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Instagram is testing Link Highlight, a feature that enables creators to include a link to their Story Highlights within their Reels. During post-publishing, creators have a "Link Highlight" option, where they can choose to add a Story Highlight. This will then be displayed as a button on the Reel. Upon clicking, viewers will be redirected to the Story Highlight.

Why It Matters: This offers creators a means to interconnect their short-form videos with other content, akin to YouTube's Related Videos and Facebook’s ‘Connect your reel to a video’ option.

For example, a creator can create a vlog-style Reel documenting a new city adventure and link it to a Story Highlight showcasing behind-the-scenes content from the trip. If a Link Sticker is used in the Stories as well, it can serve as a way for creators to drive traffic to their website or a brand's website in the context of sponsored content. Given that the button isn’t prominent, it's important that creators include a relevant call to action to encourage their viewers to click the button.

Instagram Simplifies the Hashtag Experience to Enhance Search Capabilities


Instagram is updating its hashtag experience. Now, when users tap on a hashtag, they will see comprehensive search results for that hashtag across various pages like 'For You,’ 'Accounts,'’ 'Audio,'’ and 'Reels.’ Users can also follow the hashtag via a plus icon adjacent to the search bar.

Why It Matters: This update simplifies Instagram's hashtag experience, making content discovery based on hashtags easier. While the significance of hashtags has decreased over time, this update renews their value, particularly for search and content discovery.

Despite TikTok receiving much attention for its search capabilities, Instagram seems intent on showcasing its own. Along with updates like this, it’s been busy running ads promoting its search benefits.

TikTok Introduces Creator Search Insights to Shed Light on User Search Topics


TikTok has launched Creator Search Insights, a new tool providing creators insight into the topics users are searching for on TikTok.

By inputting 'Creator Search Insights' into the search bar, creators can access a hub that highlights frequently searched topics by categories and topics related to the content creators share. There is also an option to filter for content gap topics, which are frequently searched topics with few available videos.

Each topic is accompanied by a popularity score, reflecting its level of user interest. Some topics bear a 'Recommended Topic' label, indicating high potential for engagement.

Why It Matters: This tool allows creators to take a more data-driven approach when choosing content topics and formulating their overall content strategy. By leveraging these insights, they can better meet user needs and concentrate on underserved content, thereby reaching broader and more relevant audiences.

Considering that TikTok's Creator Rewards Program now factors in the search value of videos for monetization, this tool also aids creators in identifying the types of videos that can generate earnings.

TikTok Expands Sounds for Business to Include Pre-Licensed Voice Clips from Creators


TikTok is expanding its Sounds for Business library with Voice Clips, which are 18 custom voiceover audio templates from notable TikTok creators like Anania, Matt Buechele, Devin Halbal, Good Children, and more. These voice clips can be found in the Commercial Music Library and are pre-approved for both organic and paid content.

Why It Matters: Voice Clips offer brands a wider array of audio options, allowing them to utilize voiceovers from popular voices on the platform. This not only enhances video performance but also enables brands to align with notable creators without formal partnerships.

TikTok manages the licensing process, saving brands from the time-consuming and costly task of doing it themselves. This also helps mitigate potential legal issues, as seen with the case of music critic Anthony Fantano threatening to sue Blizzard Activision for using his voice clip in a promotional video without permission.

With Universal Music Group recently withdrawing its artists' and songwriters' music, TikTok will likely intensify efforts to expand the Commercial Music Library.

Threads Begins Beta Test of Fediverse Sharing


Threads has launched a beta test for a Fediverse sharing feature in the US, Canada, and Japan. This is available to public account users aged 18 and above. When activated, this feature enables users on ActivityPub-compliant platforms such as Mastodon to discover, search, and follow Thread profiles. Users can also interact with posts and engage with users on different servers.

Why It Matters: Less than a year after its debut, Threads has integrated with the Fediverse, a decentralized network of social media platforms. This integration, a key feature Threads promised, enables users to reach a wider audience and interact with users across various servers, increasing the visibility of their content across multiple Fediverse platforms.

While a deeper understanding of the Fediverse is still needed, this move represents an opportunity for creators in the long term. It frees them from dependence on a single platform, provides interoperability, and gives them more control over their data and online presence.

Threads Tests Swipe Gestures to Help Users Customize Their Experience


Threads is testing swipe gestures. By swiping right on a post to like it, or left to show disinterest, users can help train their algorithms and influence what appears on their For You feed over time.

Why It Matters: Threads is taking inspiration from dating apps by incorporating left and right swipe gestures, allowing users more control over their experience. Giving users more control over what they see is always a good move.

Threads' approach to the user interface and experience also deserves mention. While it has features similar to X, Threads distinguishes itself by the way these features are implemented. This applies to this feature and others like hashtags and trending topics.

YouTube Rolls Out Disclosure Labels for Generative AI Content


YouTube has started rolling out a disclosure tool for altered or synthetic content. Creators must use this tool to inform their viewers about realistic content created, altered, or synthesized using generative AI. This includes likenesses of realistic persons, altered footage of real events or places, and generating realistic scenes.

However, creators don’t need to use the tool to disclose generative AI use for productivity purposes, such as script generation or generating content ideas, or when the synthetic media is unrealistic and/or the changes are inconsequential.

These labels will appear in the video descriptions and sometimes on the videos themselves for videos focused on sensitive topics like health, news, elections, or finance. YouTube will also automatically add labels when creators don’t disclose videos. Eventually, enforcement measures will be added when creators fail to disclose.

Why It Matters: YouTube’s approach to disclosure tools is intriguing. It only requires creators to use them for specific scenarios, which is clear but also subject to interpretation, leading to scenarios where creators don’t disclose when they should.

One positive aspect is that YouTube’s algorithm won’t use disclosure labels in determining recommendations or rankings, which should give creators some peace of mind and lead more of them to use the tool when appropriate.

Pinterest Tests a Way for Users to Share Their Boards on Other Platforms


Pinterest is testing a new feature called Board Preview, which allows users to share their Pinterest boards as videos on other social media platforms. These videos will include a watermark featuring the board's name and the curator's handle.

As part of its partnership with Coachella, Pinterest is teaming up with celebrity style sisters Chloe and Chenelle on a Coachella-inspired Board Drop, which they will share via the feature.

Why It Matters: Board Preview offers a simple and appealing way for users to share Pinterest boards, potentially expanding the content's reach beyond Pinterest. This might lead to viewers visiting the creators' Pinterest accounts to explore more content.

Yahoo Launches Yahoo for Creators To Allow Creators To Monetize and Publish Stories Across Its Network


Yahoo launched Yahoo for Creators, a new creator program. Creators can publish, monetize, and expand their audiences by sharing stories on the Yahoo News network, which attracts over 185 million monthly U.S. visitors.

Creators can utilize tools to publish and monitor the performance of their stories. These stories will appear alongside Yahoo's traditional content, created by its journalists and publishing partners, but will be distinguished with a Yahoo Creator label. Creators will also have the opportunity to earn revenue from their stories through a 50/50 split for ad placements and an 80/20 split for affiliate sales

Creators who meet certain criteria, such as having 1,000 followers across platforms like Medium, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, and who create written content with a unique perspective in areas such as fashion, beauty, home, technology, and travel, can apply here.

Why It Matters: Yahoo's investment in a creator program reflects its understanding of the changing media landscape. Audiences, including Gen Z, are increasingly turning to creators and social media platforms for news and information.

By forming a network of creators, Yahoo can serve these audiences while expanding its coverage to include more lifestyle topics. For creators, this initiative provides an opportunity to reach new audiences across Yahoo's owned platforms and earn significant revenue through creator-friendly revenue-sharing models.

Yahoo for Creators highlights the trend of integrating creators with traditional publishers and media outlets. This trend is evident in various ways, from platforms like YouTube combining creator content with premium streaming content through initiatives like Primetime Channels, to brands launching creator programs that make creators an extension of their internal talent pools.

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