Meta AI Updates, LinkedIn Newsletter Analytics, Abercrombie's Creator Suite

Meta / Reels in Meta AI

Today’s Edition

  • Meta introduces a boatload of updates for Meta AI, including the suggestion of creator-produced Reels in its Assistant AI.

  • LinkedIn enhances its newsletter product with newsletter-specific analytics.

  • Abercrombie & Fitch continues the streak of retail creator programs with the Abercrombie Creator Suite.

Meta Announces AI Updates Across Its Family Of Apps

Meta / Reimagine

Meta has unveiled over 20 AI-related updates across its family of apps— Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Some of the standout features include:

  • Imagine: Meta's text-to-image tool is now available as a standalone experience in the US.

  • Reimagine: Following a user's generation of an AI image in a group chat, others can utilize this feature by inputting a prompt to create a new version of the image.

  • Landscape to Portrait: Using AI, users can convert their images from landscape to portrait orientation to share on Stories.

  • Reels in Meta AI: Reels can be suggested as part of responses from Meta’s AI Assistant when users ask questions, such as when seeking recommendations on places to visit or looking for inspiration.

Why It Matters: Meta's commitment to AI continues as it strives to integrate AI across all user experiences. Imagine empowers users with an alternative route to generate AI-powered images using Meta's large language model (LLM), while Reimagine delivers the ability for chat participants to co-create using AI.

The option to easily convert images from landscape to portrait orientation encourages more users to share content to Stories by simplifying the process of adapting existing images to a friendly ratio for the content format.

The inclusion of Reels in Meta AI offers a glimpse into the future of AI assistants, becoming essential discovery touchpoints for creators and users in searching and finding information. This echoes a similar thought I shared when TikTok initiated testing of its AI assistant, Tako.

Expect Meta and others to bring more creator content to their AI assistant and chatbot experiences. This will eventually require creators to think about how to make their content discoverable and surface in these experiences. It will also lead to platforms providing creators with metrics related to the performance of their content in these experiences.

LinkedIn Rolls Out Updates for Newsletters

LinkedIn / Newsletter Analytics

LinkedIn has started rolling out updates for Newsletters. Through a new Newsletter Analytics Page, creators can access newsletter-specific analytics, including trends for Article Views and New Subscribers, based on date ranges. They will also be able to view the demographics of their subscribers (e.g., Job Title, Company, Locations, etc.). Additionally, they can see a breakdown of their new subscribers, with a button next to them to follow, connect, or message.

LinkedIn is also adding the ability to duplicate a previous draft to use as a template and update it with new content.

Why It Matters: These updates respond to some of my previous feedback, and introduce much-needed improvements to LinkedIn Newsletters, which feature an impressive 500 million members subscribing to over 146,000 newsletters.

Access to new analytics will provide creators with more insight into how their newsletters are being consumed, by whom, and their growth over time. This additional data will also assist creators with brand partnerships by enabling them to share stronger insights into their audience, which may differ from those consuming their short-form posts. For brands, this can help inform the content format they choose when partnering with creators on LinkedIn, based on what aligns most with their target audience.

The addition of draft duplicates streamlines the newsletter creation process for creators, reducing the time needed to format and allowing more focus on the content itself.

LinkedIn Adds ‘Feature Content From Profile’ Option

LinkedIn / ‘Feature content from profile’

LinkedIn added an option for Premium users to showcase content from their profile in the Featured section. With 'Add Content from Profile,’ users can prominently display profile content such as Experience, Licenses & Certifications, and Recommendations.

Why It Matters: While popular posts and work samples have been a primary use case for the Featured Section, the opportunity to highlight one’s work experience or recommendations they’ve received may better reflect some users' goals on LinkedIn. For example, consultants may want to showcase recommendations from past clients to demonstrate their expertise and credibility, grabbing the attention of profile visitors who could become potential clients.

This new option, combined with LinkedIn's recent rebranding of the LinkedIn for Creators account to LinkedIn Guide for Creating, indicates a conscious shift by LinkedIn to cater to a group of users who may not consider themselves creators.

Tumblr Launches Experimental Feature Communities

Tumblr / Communities

Tumblr has launched Communities, an experimental feature from the Tumblr Labs division. Communities offer users a dedicated space for individuals with shared interests and passions, such as favorite games, movies, hobbies, and much more. Each community has moderators, members, and a separate feed from a user's Following and For You feeds.

The launch comes shortly after Tumblr shut down its creator monetization tool, Post+, as part of its efforts to focus on its core functionality.

Why It Matters: Communities bring a more social component to Tumblr by uniting people over like-minded topics in a semi-private experience. This will make it easier for users to enjoy the Tumblr experience together and be able to share, find, and discuss content that resonates with them the most.

Communities continue this year’s trend of social media platforms providing users with experiences that enable them to share content in more intimate, closed-off spaces, separate from their public feeds.

YouTube Introduces Pause Option for Comments

YouTube / Pause

YouTube has introduced a new comment setting for creators called Pause. Through video-level comment settings, creators can use the Pause option to prevent new comments on the video while retaining existing comments.

Why It Matters: Comments are vital for creators’ relationships with viewers. While they provide valuable insights, comments can also have a negative impact.

The Pause option grants creators flexibility in managing the comment experience, enabling them to take actions as needed, such as taking a break from new comments. Pause provides creators with a middle ground between completely turning off comments and having no control over them.

Abercrombie & Fitch Launches the Abercrombie Creator Suite

Abercrombie & Fitch

Abercrombie & Fitch launched the Abercrombie Creator Suite, a new creator community. Creators can participate in content challenges to receive gifted products and affiliate commissions. They will also get access to new products earlier, discounts, and events. Plus, they may be featured across Abercrombie’s channels and provide input on future campaigns and activations.

To be eligible to apply, creators must meet certain criteria. These include having at least 2,500 followers on TikTok or Instagram, being 18 years or older, and being based in the US.

Why It Matters: From Kohl’s launch of creator storefronts to Target’s roll-out of the Target Creator Program to now the Abercrombie Creator Suite, retailers have stayed busy these past few months, with many of them upping their creator marketing efforts.

Abercrombie is leveraging similar components from existing retailer creator programs, such as affiliate-based incentivization. However, they are also introducing unique opportunities to incentivize creators, including challenges, exclusive discounts, and access. As is common with such programs, there are mixed reactions from creators. Some voice opinions about the ratio of deliverables versus perks, while others are excited to join the program.

What continues to become clearer is that there’s no one-size-fits-all way to work with and compensate creators. Despite some pushback these programs receive, retailers, in particular, are determined to continue pushing for performance-based compensation.

On-Demand Webinar: The Future of Influencer Marketing (2024 Trends & Predictions)

Mavrck + Later / The Future of Influencer Marketing

Prediction season is here! Mavrck + Later released our free on-demand webinar featuring predictions for the future of influencer marketing and social media in 2024.

Lyle Stevens, CEO, Mavrck + Later, Christine Colling, Social Media Manager, Later, Rebecca Schroth, Associate Director of Influencer Strategy, Mavrck, and I discuss:

  • How brands and creators can utilize AI in their influencer marketing strategy

  • Why (and how) the relationship between social media and creators will change

  • What sets TikTok apart and why it drives superior ROI

  • How the creator economy is set to evolve

  • What we’re most excited about for 2024 and more

Watch the free on-demand webinar here and stay tuned next week for my personal 2023 trend recap and predictions for the coming year.

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